Thursday, March 10, 2011


i know. i'm a terrible blogger. the kids are huge. and i've written nothing about them... someday. but for now i have thirty seconds to upload these three images from pagosa this weekend.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

six months.

oh that's right. you read correctly. SIX months. we went from 10.5 weeks to six months. it's time for a much needed synopsis of our lives as five grebes under one roof, and that will come, but for today, i wanted to post the rolls that are my daughter. i LOVE having a chunky monkey. she's our first. the others were a little runty but still precious.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ten point five weeks..

miss macey is 11 weeks old today. i can't wait to post a pic of aislyn at this age, they look so much alike. but alas, those pics are on a computer that hasn't been turned on in quite a while..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

father daughter camping

aislyn and kenny are on their first camping trip together, and he has sent me a few pics and videos i wanted to post. i can't believe i let m 4 year old sleep in the mountains for three days (even though i LOVE it myself)! but at least she is in good hands, her daddy is the best. :) i don't even have details on these pics to narrate yet, but i love the fishing ones. i guess kenny took pictures of her pants to show me the insanity. even though it will be me who gets to do laundry when they come home. i'll get a great look at them then.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


our baby boy is three today. windblown crazy hair, forehead bruises, eyelid scratches and all. this morning as we were having birthday waffles, aislyn said "mommy let's pray about grayson. dear Lord, we thank you for grayson. we pray that you will just help him. help him... dear Lord... Lord... God.. help him to be obedient. and make him better." hard not to laugh during that prayer, coming from my strong willed defiant 4 year old.

grayson's favorite things as of now consist of cars (he has to have the entire line of cars from the movie "cars" in his bed at night- this includes but not limited to: mater, boost, wingo, dj, and 'bad car'- all three lightning mcqueens have been misplaced presently), batman and spiderman and "fansformers" (he told me originally that he wanted a "batman beats princess birthday party", that would have been fun), fire trucks, nascars, and any sports he can find to play. he insists on picking out his own clothes including a HIDEOUS (sorry lyssa but i know you hate it too) hand me down from liam which he calls "the spiderman shirt has wings on it". WOW. its bad people. it's polyester and his belly button shows when he wears it. so bad. he has been known to throw a fit or two when he doesn't get his way. which is much of the time lately. we turned his crib in to a big boy bed this weekend and his sleeping has been less than adequate. just a phase we hope... he loves his sisters but tries to terrorize the eldest on a regular basis by taking something he knows she loves, waving it at her and then running full speed ahead. he is not interested in the potty. at. all. i have been trying daily for months. bribes do nothing. and i'm not interested in holding him down on the toilet while he kicks and screams. pretty sure that's not the answer, even as nasty as 3 year old poo is... he cries and cowers under the table at the chic fil a cow, and my mother and i have decided that this is a fabulous tactic to use with him when he runs away in stores, parking lots, wherever. "GRAYSON! you better come back because the chic fil a cow is over there!", or "Grayson, sorry honey we can't play in the McDonalds play place cuz the chic fil a cow is in there today". so mean. but so effective. :) his favorite food is chips. he is addicted to them like a bad drug. he wants them with every meal, and will stack his meat and veggies on them and use them as spoons. he still detests fruit but yesterday he actually ate an apple for the first time since we were at National Jewish a year ago next week! (he eats grapes once every six weeks. he suddenly decides "hey! i like grapes!", but he hates them again the next day). he is still on the elecare formula for extra calories, but we're hoping to wean off soon. he doesn't quite eat enough of the good stuff. he's got about 15 or so foods now and we couldn't ask for more. well, we could, but we're doing great with the ones we have. just being patient for milk and wheat. it will be a few years or more, by the time he PRAYERFULLY grows out of it. he calls aislyn "seester" and it makes us laugh every time. it reminds me of my grandma klein and her siblings, they called her and my aunt nez "sister" too. i'm not sure they actually knew each other's real names. :) he's got eyelashes forever and knows how to work his momma. he's my only boy and i kinda like it that way. ;) he is brave, he is precious and he takes his meds and nebulizer and lotions like a champ EVERY day. and even lets mom and dad put wet socks on his hands and feet in the middle of the night if he is itchy. in his sleep. wow.

we love you lil bubba and we're SO proud of you!! happy third birthday to our little spiderman!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

my boys.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

happy 80th great grandma katie!

...macey and great grandma at her SURPRISE birthday party last week! great grandma katie LOVES her some babies!!! and we LOVE great grandma! (sidenote: that's where the "kate" in macey kate comes from. :) kenny's grandpa called his grandma kate as a nickname and i have ALWAYS adored the name kate. second sidenote: all three kids have been named after their great grandmas. aislyn joy is for my paternal grandmother alice joy, and grayson klein is for my maternal grandma, norma jean klein. kinda cool right?)

happy birthday grandma katie! we love you!